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Limitless Potential

You do so much to prepare for your child’s birth and ensure his or her life will be a healthy, happy one. Why throw away the umbilical cord which could one day save their life?

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Power of stem cells


They “know” how to find injured cells in the body and start a healing process. In other words, they may help the body help itself.


Today, cord blood stem cells have been used in more than 35,000 transplants worldwide to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems, like in a bone marrow transplant.

Where do stem cells come from?

Your newborn’s stem cells are collected right after birth from their umbilical cord. Both cord blood and cord tissue are rich sources of powerful stem cells.

Cord blood stem cells are currently used in transplant medicine to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems. These cells are being researched for their ability to act like our body’s own personal repair kit and may be able to help our bodies heal in new ways.

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A perfect match


Your baby isn’t the only one who may benefit from having access to preserved newborn stem cells. The cells can potentially be used by siblings and parents, too. In many cord blood treatments, stem cells from a matched family member are preferred.


Your baby will always be a perfect genetic match to their stem cells.


Full siblings may be a partial match.


Each parent will be a partial match.

Why should you preserve your baby's stem cells?

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