Cord Blood Banking


Stem cell banking is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Preserve your newborns stem cells today and be ready for the future.

✅ Used in over 80 treatments for diseases including Leukaemia, sickle cell and tumours

✅ Can be used in treatments for siblings, parents or grandparents

✅ Countless ongoing clinical trials discovering new treatments

✅ Used in over 40,000 transplants worldwide


What’s included

1 year FREE storage

Then £50 per year storage fee

Cord blood banking

Customisable package

Stem cell collection kit

Specialist Phlebotomist Collection

(Optional at checkout)

Dedicated courier


Maternal blood testing

Certificate of storage

Shipping to transplant centre

(If needed)


What can umbilical stem cells be used for?

Stem cells “know” how to find injured cells in the body and start a healing process. In other words, they help the body help itself.

Today, cord blood stem cells have been used in more than 35,000 transplants worldwide to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems, like in a bone marrow transplant.

Stem cells have successfully treated Cerebral Palsy, Leukaemia, stroke, sickle cell anaemia and much more.

To read the full list of treatments click here.

How long can cord blood/tissue be stored for?

In theory, when cryopreserved cord blood can last for many decades. As cord blood banking is 27 years young, data on the use of cord blood in transfusions are limited, but from what research on thawed cord blood units has shown, the length of cryopreservation does not affect the quality and viability of a cord blood collection.

Can my child's sibling also use their stem cells?

Yes. If you are banking to cover siblings, then the ability to use cord blood from one child for another depends on whether they have matching HLA type. Two full siblings have a 25% chance of being a perfect match, a 50% chance of being a half match, and a 25% chance of not matching at all.


If I bank for one child, do I have to bank for additional children/siblings?

All the reasons that you banked for the first child are still valid for additional children. If you want the baby to have the option of using his/her own cells, then you need to bank them too.

For a cord blood transplant, donor and patient must match at least 4 out of 6 HLA types. The more siblings with banked cord blood, the more chance that they cover each other for possible transplants or other therapies for which sibling stem cells are accepted.

What's the purpose of the maternal blood sample?

Three samples of maternal blood for Infectious Disease testing as required by the Human Tissue Authority guidelines.

These are normally taken at the time of birth by the attending phlebotomist, midwife or suitably qualified Healthcare Professional, or up to 7 days after birth by a suitably qualified phlebotomist or Healthcare Professional.

The purpose of the maternal blood sample is to enable us to test for the presence of Infectious Diseases in the mother that may also be present in the cord blood and/or cord tissue. If positive results are found it allows us to store the cord blood and/or cord tissue suitably and to inform the requesting clinician ahead of release for medical application.

Positive results for infectious diseases do not render the cord blood and/or cord tissue unusable, however, they are relevant and need to be assessed ahead of release for medical application.

Who collects the cord blood/tissue samples?

The collection must be performed by a trained and licensed healthcare professional. This could be a private obstetrician or midwife or a phlebotomist.

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) requires the person who performs the collection to be appropriately trained in our collection process and hold a valid Third-Party Agreement to do so.

We can arrange for a fully trained and qualified medical professional to carry out the collection at your birth. Simply tick the option during the checkout process.

Can I still delay clamping of the cord?

Yes, it is possible to delay cord clamping and collect vital stem cells to bank for your child’s future.

At Blueprint Biobank we collect as much blood as we can that is left in the cord and this amount varies considerably.

How does the pricing work?

Today you pay just the £160 set up fee. This covers the cost of your personal stem cell collection kit, account set up and arranged courier to pick up the stem cell sample after birth.

It is required that collection is done by a fully trained and qualified medical professional, such as your doctor or midwife. However, if they’re unable to perform the collection we provide the option of using our partner phlebotomists for £300. Just tick the option during the Checkout process.

Only after a successful collection will we charge you for the remaining cost of the service. This amount depends on whether you’re paying in full or in instalments. This cost covers the processing of the sample by our highly skilled scientists in our lab.

We charge a £50 per year storage fee for cord blood banking. Although the first year is on us, it’s FREE!

You will be charged this storage fee every year until the end of your contract. At the end of your contract we will then contact you to ask whether you’d like to continue on a new plan or rolling contract.

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