A gift that lasts a lifetime.

Umbilical stem cell banking is a once in a lifetime opportunity to give your child a lifeline to treat cancers, metabolic disorders, immune disorders, blood disorders and more.

Benefits of stem cell banking

80 treatments

Including cancers, blood disorders, immune disorders and metabolic disorders and more.

10 minute collection

Collection is non-invasive making it 100% safe for you and your newborn.

Use for whole family

The donor child’s immediate family can use the stem cells for treatment.

Exact tissue match

No waiting on donor waiting lists when there is an exact match stored with us.

Stem Cell Under Microscope Biotechnology
Why have millions of parents banked stem cells?

Why millions of parents have banked stem cells.

Parents around the world are storing their newborn’s umbilical stem cells at birth as a measure of preperation to fight off any future illness.

Stem cells have successfully treated Cerebral Palsy, Leukaemia, stroke, sickle cell anemia and more.

Success stories

How does it work?

1. Choose a service

Once you select a storage service and place your order online, your stem cell collection kit will be shipped to you the very next day.

2. The big day

On going into labour, we’ll arrange for a specialist to perform the collection, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

3. Future protected

Once we’ve processed and stored your newborns precious stem cells you’ll be prepared for whatever life throws at your family.

Prepare for your family's future, today.

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